Limited Quantity In Stock, Ships MONDAY 12/14/20

NO shipments to CA, CT, NY, HI


This ammo shortage sucks and prices are CRAZY right now, I was able to get a little of this Bosnian NATO FMJ from ZQI.  Sealed primers so it's good SHTF stuff to keep on hand.  $30 shipping via UPS ground. Limit 1 case per order.


Bullet Weight: 124 gr
Powder Type: Smokeless
Bullet Jacket Material: Brass
Bullet Core Material: Lead-antimony alloy
Case Material: New Brass, Reloadable
Primer Type: Boxer
Average Velocity: 1,214 fps @ 16 m
Accuracy: Max. mean radius 2.99 in @ 46 m

1000 Round Brass Case ZQI 124g 9mm Ammo