9mm Brethren Arms MP5k Clone, runs like a dream.   I was gonna Form 1 it to an SBR and attached the folding ACR Stock but got a bunch of other Subguns so this one is still a pistol.

  • TriLug barrel with 1/2x28 threads
  • Welded Top Rail
  • 1 point sling included
  • Magpul fore Grip (Normal Triangle Grip Included)
  • ACR Stock and Revolutionary Roller Locks Folding Stock Adapter Included - this is still a pistol so you must file your Form 1 and get your tax stamp from the ATF before attaching the Stock and making it an SBR.  Form 1's typically take a month to come back
  • 1 KCI gen 2 30 round Mag Included
  • Custom MP5 carrying Case Included.

HK MP5k Clone Pistol