Up for sale is a gently used SPS Pantera 2011 in .40 S&W with 2 SPS Magazines and 2 140mm STI Magazines and over 400 rounds of ammo.

I bought this gun to compete in USPSA Limited and just don't have the time or interest to have a competition-specific setup. The extractor has been pinned and ejector tuned by a REAL gunsmith.

The ammo will ship separate direct to you home (NOT YOU CA) and is over 350 rounds of Atlanta Arms 180g Major .40 and 60ish rounds of Blazer 180. I don't have any other .40's so the ammo does me no good.

This gun shoots like a dream with the Atlanta ammo, and has had zero problems since being tuned.

SPS Pantera Competition Package with Ammo


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