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What is the DEFCON creative?

What is the DEFCON creative?

This is us... but for digital marketing

The DEFCON creative is a Digital Marketing company serving brands that love America. We specialize in Social Media Strategy, Video Production, eMail Marketing, SEO, web design and more. We’re basically the leatherman multitool for your digital marketing needs. Could you carry a pair of pliers, flathead screwdriver and can opener around everywhere? Sure! But it’s real nice to have all of your tools in one convenient place so you're not fumbling around in your backpack each time you need to do something. The DEFCON creative is your one stop shop for your digital presence.

Who are our Customers?

DEFCON was created to serve brands that we respect and have a desire to help build. We cater to firearms companies, tactical product manufacturers, bars & restaurants, breweries, basically anyone who does cool stuff, and of course veteran and LEO owned companies. Here is our rule: if you love America like we love America, let’s get ‘er done.


What do we do?

While DEFCON can do just about anything you need digitally, we have broken down our business into our major core competencies.

Social Media Growth and Management

We have a few different services to help business grow via social media AND convert followers into customers. One of our tools is an Instagram Growth and Engagement service that allows brands to grow their presence on Instagram and get real, targeted and engaged followers. We call this our Guerilla Marketing, as it uses semi-autonomous tools to allow your brand to get noticed by potential customers organically and without using paid advertising.

Now any social strategy is limited by the content produced, and business owners need to focus their time on building their business. That is why we have our Social Media Management plan we like to call The Commie Buster where we take over the duties of posting content and responding to basic inquiries on Instagram and Facebook.


Google & Facebook specifically call out firearms, knives and “potentially offensive” content as being subject to restriction and many companies have found that they are unable to run traditional online advertising on these platforms. Search Engine Optimization allows your site to rank highest on the keywords your customers are looking up on the internet so that you get a constant and reliable stream of customers that will continue even if you lose your social media presence. Under our Full Patriot plan, we will take over the task of getting your website to rank for specific search terms as well as offer discounted hourly Web Design services and eMail Marketing to help you stay in touch with your customers

Video Production

No matter what industry you are in, high quality images and VIDEO can make the difference in your marketing efforts. In fact, it has been shown that VIDEO ADS have an industry leading CTR (Click Through Rate) of around 1.85% when used properly.

We will partner with you for the entire creative process and help you:

  • Come up with your concept

  • Create a Script and/or Storyboard (if required)

  • Shoot the video or photos on location

  • Integrate Drone Footage

  • Color correct and edit the footage in post production

  • Create Closed Captions if requested

  • Upload to your preferred video sites

We offer competitive rates for Video work and our most popular plan is the 5.56 NATO Flicker which includes 2 hours of onsite videography within 30 miles of McKinney TX, and a fully edited and color corrected HD commercial video up to 3 minutes in length for $556.


There are many other aspects of a company's digital presence that need to be properly maintained, like a well updated Google My Business profile for local search, yelp profiles, youtube accounts, and more. We can sift through the noise and let you know what will benefit you the most, and execute a plan to make it happen. CONTACT US for a comprehensive review of your company’s Digital Presence today.


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